Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Tile in my House- I Hate Floods

Well a few weeks ago in a freak storm that dropped over 7 inches and hour in our area my house got about an inch to an inch and a half in it.

This week we are having tile put into our place and I get to clean out my entire first floor of stuff or cover it so that the dust that will fly will not get into stuff. Our cats have to be moved into our bedroom for 2-3 days. Much joy- not.

Getting the tile is a good thing, but I hate moving all my stuff upstairs or into the garage (where it still should be covered since they will probably do the tile cutting there to be out of the sun. Getting tile done is not cheap but we are making do with it.

We were going to do it ourself but after seeign exactly what would be needed we realized we would not be able to do it in a reasonable ammount of time and either my wife or I would be dead by the end of it. (/wink)

Ill get some pics of the before and after for any who care ( right-like anyone does). It is currently just a concrete slab that echoes too loudly. We will definitly have to get a rug to dampen the sound in the living room.

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  1. Hi! There was also a storm in our place last month, and it brought strong winds and heavy rain. There were broken trees and electric wires in the streets because of the wind. The heavy rain caused flood in our area. We were just lucky enough that our house was not that damaged due to our stormwater systems that the flood subsided quickly.